Determine the size of a data frame

June 9, 2020

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  • Get number of rows of a data frame
  • Get number of columns of a data frame
  • Get dimensions of a data frame
nrow(___) ncol(___) dim(___) length(___)

Data Frame Dimensions

nrow(___) ncol(___) dim(___) length(___)

数量的行s and columns in a data frame can be guessed through the printed output of the data frame. However, it is much easier to get this information directly through functions. Additionally, you might want to use this information in some parts of the code.

数据帧有两个维度。数量的行s is considered to be the first dimension. It typically defines the number of observations in a data set. To get the number of rows from the戴维斯data frame in thecarDatadataset use thenrow()function:

[1] 200

Similarly, the number of columns or属性of the data frame can be retrieved with的NcoI():

[1] 5

Exercise: Determine number of elements in data frame

survived sex age passengerClass Allen, Miss. Elisabeth Walton yes female 29 1st [ reached 'max' / getOption("max.print") -- omitted 1308 rows ]

确定数据值在数TitanicSurvivaldata frame above given as the number of rows multiplied by the number of columns.

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Retrieving data frame dimensions

nrow(___) ncol(___) dim(___) length(___)

To retrieve the size of all dimensions from a data frame at once you can use thedim()function.dim()returns a vector with two elements, the first element is the number of rows and the second element the number of columns.

For example, the dimensions of the戴维斯dataset can be retrieved as

[1] 200 5

除了数据帧dim()can also be used for other multi-dimensional R objects such as matrices or arrays. However, when used with vectorsdim唯一的回报空值:

dim(c(1, 3, 5, 7))


length(c(1, 3, 5, 7))
[1] 4

In the case of a data framelength()返回其列数:

[1] 5



What does the above command return for the data setFloridafrom thecarDatapackage which has 11 columns and 67 rows?

  • 6711
  • 1167
  • 11
  • 67

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