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May 6,2019

(This article was first published on R in Tim Black on Medium,and kindly contributed to 188bet appR-bloggers)

波特兰日美历史广场上的樱花,OR (Tim Black: April 2019)

Medium is a great platform to get your blog started.It is incredibly easy to use,has a visually appealing layout,有助于扩大对目标受众的影响。With just a few tweaks,它也可以完美地发布给R-Bloggers。188bet app

The main requirement to join the 188bet appR-bloggers mailing list is an 1188bet appRSS feed,which Mediumautomatically createsfor you.When you create your first post,you will already have a feed specific to you as a writer.For example,you can access my author feed at这对你来说也许足够了,depending on the answers to the next couple of questions.

Do you plan on publishing content that is not related to R?

如果答案是否定的,then you have it easy.Simply use the 1188bet appRSS feed that is specific to you as an author and you are done!

If the answer is Yes,您将希望使用定义的标记筛选源,比如“R”。Unfortunately,Medium doesn't let you use filter your author 1188bet appRSS feed by keywords.Instead,you need to create a出版。

遵循概述的步骤here加布里埃尔·雷纳德,I named my publication "Tim Black." It is a fairly straightforward setup and you will then have the ability for your 1188bet appRSS feed to be filtered by keywords such as "R".您可以使用以下提要访问我与r相关的文章:


如果您对多个出版物做出贡献(或计划做出贡献),请you won't be able to filter using your publication name and tag.We are back to the same predicament as before with the inability to filter by both author and tag!

Sebastian Wolf publishedan excellent articleon how to ingest your original author feed,用PHP处理,then publish a new 1188bet appRS188bet appS feed for R-bloggers (though you'll have to also do the work of setting up your own server and hosting the PHP script).

Once you have your 1188bet appRSS feed set…

Link back to 188bet appR-bloggers

Bloggers are required to link back to 188bet appR-bloggers somewhere prominent on their site.Since Medium doesn't have an 金宝搏网址about page or a blogroll,make sure to add a link back towww.188bet appr-bloggers.com在你的岗位上。I add my links to the bottom of each post.也可以添加链接到


只有添加标记时,出版物上的筛选器才起作用。Pick one that you will use for all the posts you would like to be published to 188bet appR-bloggers and submit your filtered feed during the request process.

Don't become part of the paywall!

When you initially publish your article,媒体会问你是否想让你的文章“有资格赚钱,并允许馆长向感兴趣的读者推荐我的文章。”如果你想确保你的文章可以免费提供给感兴趣的人,do not check this box.You can read more 金宝搏网址about the metered paywall systemhere.

For more great examples of R in action,check out188bet appandR-users.

Publishing to 188bet appR-bloggers via Mediumwas originally published inTim Black介质上,where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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